Educational Classes

Childbirth Education: 160.00

To prepare you and your support team for the many possibilities of labor and birth. You will learn what to expect before, during, and after labor and birth. You will also learn about the different medical procedures and  different coping techniques to deal with the discomforts of labor.

  • This class is best taken in the 3rd trimester (28 weeks)
  • Class duration is 5 hours.

Basic Breastfeeding: 80.00

To introduce the benefits of breastfeeding, preparing for breastfeeding, positioning and latching techniques, common breastfeeding problems and how to manage breastfeeding and working.

Newborn Care: 70.00

To provide general information and guidance for new parents on basic infant care. You will learn how to handle crying, diapering, bathing, and what to expect in the first weeks at home

Infant CPR: 50.00

To provide an introduction and hands on skills to infant basic life support/cpr and choking.

Car Seat Installation: 50.00

To provide information on proper use and installation of purchased car seat.