“Frances is the best!!!” -Ardoin

“Thank you so mush for the fantastic childbirth class. You’ve made us feel so much more prepared and you truly are a talented teacher. We so appreciate it! – Dittner

“To this day I’m so grateful I attended your child birthing classes with my husband when I was pregnant with my now 4 year old! Your classes gave me confidence when I felt very little support, even from my doctor for wanting to birth naturally (with no drugs). Thank you!” – Melendez

“Having a doula gave us the confidence to go into labor fearless! We all have the natural ability to birth a child, Frances helped us find, understand and use nature to our advantage! Having you as a doula was the best decision we could have made.                           – Roscoe-Hudson

“When you’re going through birth for the first time, everything is unknown. You can read about what to expect, you can watch videos, but nothing can really impart just how stressful the actual day is. Having a doula there means having someone who is experienced and can immediately ground you and re-center your focus during the birth process. Frances has a very firm and calming presence that significantly reduces the concerns and pressures you may feel, and can guide you back to where you need to be.”- Jo

“Frances is amazing! I first met her at a childbirth class. I remember me and my husband walking into the class I was already 8 months pregnant and we had very little knowledge of what was to come. I was getting nervous because I wanted a natural, non-medicated birth and I had very little support for that. So that night in class Frances’s said to the class “your body and your baby were made for birth, you need to tell yourself that your a beast and you got this”. I’m not sure why but that really gave me the confidence I was missing. After the class I was soo excited about my birth, and I told my husband “man I really loved that lady, She was awesome!” He agreed. I told him I really wanted to hire a doula and I really want to hire her! So i went online and found her info and called her up and hired her that week! Ever since than she has been amazing, teaching my husband and I lots of great stuff and believing in me that I could have a natural birth! My birth was such a beautiful experience, I never had any fear because I knew that Frances was there and she gave me the confidence to get through the pain. Anytime I was starting to feel like I couldn’t take much more she got In there and reminded me that I got this and I was doing great! We love her dearly and consider her part of our family now! I will most definitely have her for my next baby!!”       – Munoz

“Frances was incredible for the labor help especially”- Sweers

“Frances’ personality was a terrific fit for my family, flexible. I want to have another baby     so that I can use these services again!”- Rhett

“Frances’ personality, sense of humor, caring attitude and her wisdom. I couldn’t be       happier with my experience with Frances. She was the best doula and we would hire her again for future births and definitely recommend her to anyone expecting! She was tireless with her dedication and spent hours with us. We couldn’t have asked for better support.”  – Dalton

“Child birth knowledge, natural birthing techniques. We really enjoyed your expertise and support throughout pregnancy and labor. You were a gift and an invaluable part of the process. We couldn’t had done it without you!!” – Bandy

“We found Francis because she taught the breast feeding class at Texas Women’s Hospital. She was a great teacher (one of the best – and we took all the classes!) Knowledgable, funny, empowering, supportive, and kind. We decided to hire her as our doula because she was aligned with our views on what we wanted in our birthing plan. I personally wanted an epidural, and she was supportive of that. I didn’t want anyone from the family in the room besides my husband, so having a doula gave me the peace of mind that someone well-informed would be there to support me, advocate for me, and guide me – and my husband! (As amazing as he is, he had no idea what he was doing). 🙂 I ended up being in labor for 34 hours, and Francis stayed at the hospital all night. She helped me get through 22 hours of labor pain before the epidural. Her techniques were incredibly helpful. When I was finally ready to push, my baby was showing signs of distress and the nurses and doctor were too focused on the baby to really focus on me. Francis was like a coach, talking and motivating me through it. In the end, our baby came out perfect and healthy. I really can’t imagine what it would have been like without her. I am incredibly grateful for her support and would recommend her to anyone!!!”- Hangawatte